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Saturn Return




Saturn Return, Cosy's third album was recently released From Waterbug Records. Almost immediatly the praise and acclaim started to roll in.

" Cosy's Quietly Led was a public radio hit in 1993, jumping recently onto several "AAA" stations. Vic Heyman called it a "splendid disc" in ZMN. Vic may need to invent a new superlative. Edgy, spirited, humorous, questing, musically eloquent, and beautifully produced, Saturn Return represents a long step forward for Cosy Sheridan.

The disc was produced by Ms Sheridan, Kent Allyn and Gerry Putman at Cedar House Studios in New London NH. Cosy's crack guitar work and sure vocals are supported by bass, drums, percussion, strings, clarinet, dobro and accordion.

Quite a story is presented here, from the stern determination of Broken Place to the touching Car Phones And Airplanes; from the quirky Me and My Father to the shameless Turboyeast (yes its about yeast infection); from the poignant Late Night Love Talk to the triumphant Walk Into Heaven . Here we have an artist who has kept an insistent focus on the moral quality of her own life. Her three recordings reflect a personal journey of transformation. Cosy's first CD, Late Bloomer, opens with the verse:

I would like to paint a masterpiece
I would like to draw a straight line
I would like that little voice within
To sound a little more like mine

Quietly Led gives us a woman who not only sees the demons, but is learning to fight them. The final songs on Saturn Return are among the most moving in contemporary music. My Dear Companion recognizes a profound love for another, while realizing the limitations of that love. The recording ends with these lines:

I could walk into heaven/ With no one here to guide me
To say this heart inside me does not know how
I could walk into heaven /With all of you beside me
Walk into heaven, right now"

Reprinted from Waterbug Records Catalog.

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