Harmony Ridge Music
Helen Casabona
Sitting On The Curbstone

Helen Casabona's sultry vocals and mastery of the piano and guitar have delighted audiences at clubs and festivals for years. Now for the first time, a solo compilation of her soulful jazz ballads, "Blind-Man" blues, and honky-tonk jams is captured on compact disc.Helen's debut CD, "Sitting On The Curbstone" is released on the Independent label Casabona Records. It features Helen doing her blues and jazz favorites from Billy Holiday, Ray Charles, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Skip James, Little Willie Littlefield, and a lot more. The CD has some of all that Helen offers-moving vocals, jazz and boogie-woogie piano, great guitar picking, and a lot of soul.Much of Helen's repertoire is in the Blues tradition that came out of the honky-tonk and street corners of Harlem, Chicago, and the Deep south. these are the real blues-not just laments about lost love, but struggles to pay the rent, being on the street, living 'til tomorrow, or just kicking back and living for today.

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