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NOTABLE QUOTES: The Press on Phranc

Dezi Ferguson, Inside December 1989: "..The bright light of Phranc's unbridled energy, her confidence, is refreshing fun in a world of serious-eyed folksingers and message-concerned underground divas."

Joe Brown, Washington Post: "She's a folk singer in the true sense of the work -- she seizes her inspiration of the moment and makes music about it..."

Robert Christgau, Village Voice: "...(She is) a singer-songwriter salty enough to transcend her tendency to folkie self-righteousness.''

Holly Gleason, Hits, June 5, 1989: "When things get serious..Phranc proves she's got the mettle to match her mirth."

Part Becker, Seattle Weekly, July 5, 1989: "She knows the value of humor in maintaining her sanity and softening up an audience for her message. She delivers the medicine, too."

Parry Gettelman, Orlando Sentinel: July 2, 1989: "Phranc takes things to heart, but take herself too seriously? Never. Someone send Maria McKee a copy of this album."

Kathleen Kennedy, Kansas City Squire, June 22, 1989: "...We have a bona fide wild woman here."

LA. Weekly, July 14, 1989 -- "...Phranc has some of the best phrasing this side of Faces-era Rod Stewart."

Dominique Dibbell, Spin, September 1989: "It seems to me that the best politics are the politics of shamelessness, which Phranc lives out courageously...(Her) songs have a refreshing hint of self-parody, while at the same time being more unapologetically queer than nearly all 'women's music."'

Stephen Holder, New York Times, November 12, 1989: "What distinguishes Phranc's expressions of gay pride is their lightheartedness."

Rockpool, June 1, 1989: "So, you ask yourself -- Just where does a Jewish lesbian folksinger fit in anyhow? Right in between two slices of wry..."

Sabrina McFarland, People, September 10, 1990: "You just have to let me be me,' the singer has said, perhaps unnecessarily. Nobody is likely to mistake her for Marie Osmond or Tiffany."

TITLE CD cat.# Price Cass cat.# Price
Goofyfoot kill233 $9.98 NA NA
Positively Phranc used $10.00 plg848282cs $9.99
Folksinger NA NA plg846358cs $9.99
I Enjoy Being A Girl a2 91259 $10.00 (used) plg842579cs $9.99

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