Peasant Pie

UNTE READER (November-December 1995)

SONYA HUNTER: PEASANT PIE (Normal Records). Hunter makes music that is both elegant and hypnotic, weaving tales of urban frustration and mixing wordplay with wisdom. Peasant Pie is a beautiful slice of silky-smooth vocals crusted with crisp craftsmanship and full of tart juicy lyrics. Although this San Francisco-based singer-songwriter has had three successful European tours and has been a featured artist on compilations put out by the German alternative rock magazine Howl (whose other featured artists have included the likes of the Meat Puppets and the Grifters), Sonya Hunter may be one of the best-kept secrets in America.
---H. M.

EXPRESS (December 1995)

With her latest release on Germany's NormaI Records, Bay Area songwriter Sonya Hunter blends country flavored acoustic guitar musings with a rock edge to create a collection of diverse musical gems. Her smooth voice and knack for melodic storytelling lead the listener through a series of moods and themes supported by Hunter's band as well as by a host of local musicians. After opening with a couple of driving numbers, the disc recedes to the more introspective, swaying melodies of "Sad Eyed Salesgirl" and "Pine Avenue," two of the album's standout tracks. Hunter excels in a genre that doesn't receive enough attention; while this album does a sufficient job of capturing her songwriting skills, her warm vocals and tune sense are really best experienced live.
--Mark Follman
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