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Radio support of independent music and artists has meaning for all of us. Independent product is often denied access to mainstream radio programming. Artists need a voice just as independent-minded listeners want access to music that has meaning for them. So when you hear music that you like or you want played on your favorite local station, let them know! The more they hear from you, the listening public, the more likely they are to play the music you want to hear.

Here is a current listing of radio stations playing Month of Saints. Call and request a song. If you know of a radio station or program in your neighborhood that would play Month of Saints, please e-mail Sheryl

KUGS FM Bellingham, WA (360) 733-5476
KISM FM Bellingham, WA (360) 733-5476
KZAZ FM Bellingham, WA  
KBCS 91.3 FM Bellevue, WA (425) 641-2424
KNWY 90.5 FM Clarkston, WA  
KNWO 90.1 FM Cottonwood, ID  
KNWR 90.7 FM Ellensburg, WA  
KRVM FM Eugene, OR (503) 687-3147
KRFA 91.7 FM Moscow, ID  
KINK FM Portland, OR (503) 241-1020
KBOO FM Portland, OR (503) 231-8032
KFAE 89.1 FM Richland, WA  
KMTT 103.7 FM Seattle, WA (206) 233-8984
KCMU 90.3 FM Seattle, WA (206) 548-5268
KNWY 90.3 FM Yakima, WA  
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