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Billboard Magazine
"The songs are emotional and compelling. Well-constructed, melodic material (that) is right in step with what is apparently becoming the post-grunge Seattle sound: a richer, more melodic mix that doesn’t ignore the city’s serrated sensibilities."

Dirty Linen
"Sheryl Wiser’s rich voice grabs listeners. The songs have heart and soul - they address the concerns of the times, and yet leave us with a sense of optimism."

Seattle Weekly
"Excellent. The result is a confident collection of goodies; roots-rocky, iffy relationship sketches that frame Wiser’s voice and could soothe hypertensives right off their medication."

The Rocket
"She’s certainly not folk, not quite pop. She’s more swinging, soulful, rootsy rock…especially when combined with her vocal confidence."

The Seattle Times
"Wiser's music is sharp and clean, featuring her sweet, powerful voice tempered by rich, stunning melody. Her music compels you to listen, and as you're drawn into the web she weaves of thoughts and feelings and ideas, you find yourself walking on edge of a quick wit sharpened with water-deep emotions. Wiser writes emotional, rhythmically stirring songs and delivers them with genuine passion. She is a gifted singer and songwriter."

The Willamette Week
"Now a solo artist, she continues to write beautifully crafted songs that she delivers in a voice possessed of enormous range and sensibility. Along with her sharp twists of the pen as a lyricist, Wiser has the savvy confidence of a vocalist one usually only hears from jazz singers. When Alanis Morrissette grows up, she probably will sound as confident and emotionally rich as Wiser."

"…so lyrically powerful that emotions can’t be denied. Wiser’s woven all the colors of a Crayola box into the CD. Month of Saints reeks of soul. Powerful vocals make this an album you will not only have a hard time pulling out of your CD player, but will have you wondering how many people you have heard that can mix styles as well as Wiser does."

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