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Kenton Lee's X Window System and OSF/Motif Publications

These publications are Copyright © 1990-2000, Kenton Lee, Palo Alto, California, USA. All Rights Reserved.

Here's a bibliography of my past publications on the X Window System and OSF/Motif. I've converted most to HTML.

Please note the publication dates. I've updated some of the papers and the technical information in the others should still be accurate. References to specific products and versions in some of them, however, may be a little out-of-date. Please send me any comments you have on these papers.

Conference Presentations

Feature Articles

The X Journal Column

X Application Software Engineering was a bi-monthly column in The X Journal. This column received "The X Journal 1995 Editor's Choice Award for Best TXJ Column".

The X Advisor Column

Advanced X Application Development was a monthly column in The X Advisor, a monthly WWW magazine that focused on the X Window System.

The Motif Developer Articles

The Motif Developer is a new on-line magazine for the Motif community. I plan to contribute feature articles from time to time.

Reference Pages

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