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Kenton Lee's Electronic Mail Consulting

Due to popular demand, I can now provide X Window System, OSF/Motif, and World Wide Web consulting by electronic mail. Through this service, you'll receive an accurate answer to practically any question about these technical areas, usually within two business days (often less). I welcome small projects, including:

Since I will not have direct access to your development environment, I will not be able to develop products through this service. I do have a full UNIX/X/Motif development environment, however, so I can develop demos and prototypes for you.

If this service interests you, please contact me. I generally do remote work on a fixed price basis and most of my clients prefer this. I can also work on an hourly basis for larger projects. If you have a particular project in mind, please ask for a free cost estimate.

If you would like to submit a request for a price quote, please send me a textual description of your project. More detail is helpful, but is often not necessary for small projects. For debugging projects, please send a complete sample program that demonstrates the problem and any debugging output you have (error messages, stack traces, etc.). For all projects, please describe the type of response you would like (design hints, detailed technical report, sample program, etc.).

You'll probably find my prices to be very reasonable. My hourly rate is less than half of what the major consulting companies charge and, in my opinion, my quality and efficiency are much higher. Also, unlike on-site consulting, my electronic mail consulting hourly rates are pro-rated to the nearest minute, with no minimums. You won't have to pay for time we can't efficiently use.

I'm easiest to reach by Internet electronic mail to kenton @

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Last modified March 5, 2003.