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Many tourists reach Yangshuo by flying in to the Guilin airport, then sailing down the Li River to Yangshuo.
We took a shorter cruise, bicycling to Xingping, then cruising back to Yangshuo.  The cruise is relaxing, but not as fun or as scenic as bicycling.
Guilin is kind of dissappointing after two weeks in small towns.  Guilin has a population approaching 1 million and a smog problem to match.

There are some nice karst in the middle of town, though.  Here's the view from the top of Fubo Hill.

From Guilin, we flew to Canton, which is a really big city.  Big cities have fancy restaurants.  This one had an interesting kitchen.
We end at the Sun Yatsen memorial in Canton.  Sun Yatsen organized the revolution against the Qing dynasty and is considered to be the father of modern China.  His Provisional Republican Government was formed in 1911.

Sun Yatsen is considered a hero to both mainland China and Taiwan.  He formed a coalition government that included both the nationalist Kuomingtang and the growing Communist party.  The coalition collapsed after Sun Yatsen's death in 1925.

Here's our group, Ken, Val, Phil, Ken, and Dennis.


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