The Motif FAQ

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The Motif FAQ answers over 300 frequently asked questions about Motif programming. It is available in several forms:

The following mirror sites may be faster, but are sometimes out-of-date. The single file formats are easier to search, but can take a minute to down load. You may want to save a copy to your local machine.

For overseas readers, the Motif FAQ is mirrored at several sites around the world. A site closer to you will probably be much faster.

Many of the above mirror sites also have copies of the general X FAQ, X Toolkit FAQ, widgets FAQ, X applications FAQ, window managers FAQ, and other FAQs related to the X Window System. Here is a full list of X-related FAQs.

Kenton Lee maintains the Motif FAQ. Please send corrections or new subjects (with answers, please) to kenton @ For more information on Motif or the X Window System, please visit my home page.

The Motif FAQ was last updated February 1, 2002.

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