Sponsorship for my Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites page

I am seeking sponsorship to help defray the costs of keeping my Motif and X Window System web page on-line and up to date. For a flat, reasonable monthly or annual fee, sponsors may place a small graphic ad (up to 120x90 pixels and 5K bytes) and URL link at the top of the page. To keep ads from getting "lost in a crowd", there will be at most six sponsor ads at any time.

My advertising rates are low and I'm not trying to make alot of money on this. My main goal is to provide a free and useful service to serious X Window System users.

I would prefer ads related to the X Window System. This could include:

I am currently averaging over 4000 visits per week. Since many corporations and Internet service providers (ISPs) now use web proxy caches, the number of real readers is probably somewhat higher. This is a specialized web site and almost all of these users will be serious X Window System and OSF/Motif software developers. The visit rate has been steadily increasing over the past three years and I expect it will continue to do so as more developers use the World Wide Web as part of their software design process.

Most users are from U.S. sites (mostly commercial sites, but also many university and government sites). I also receive traffic from over 60 foreign countries; especially Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Japan, and Australia.

There are some other X Window System web sites on-line (and I list links to the best ones). I do feel, however, that I do the best job at keeping my site current with the best, latest, and unbiased links. I also write many technical reference pages of my own.

My web site is listed in:

Thanks again for your interest. Please contact me directly for further information.

Ken Lee, kenton @ rahul.net