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CSB's Camporal

Small teams of youth compete against each other in an assortment of events that test their teamwork and outdoor skills. At the end of the day, awards are presented based on each team's overall performance.

For most events, each team competes separately and receives a score based its performance in that event. At the end of the competition, awards are presented based on each team's combined score.

Teams should be of similar size, generally between four and six members. Some events are structured in such a way that extra members on large teams will be unable to participate, and smaller teams will be at a disadvantage in most events.

A Camporal is usually held on Saturday, with participants arriving and setting up their campsites on Friday night. Participants can leave after awards are presented Saturday night, or they can stay the night and leave Sunday morning.

Events for a Camporal

A list of dozens of competitive events that work well as part of a Camporal.

Scoring for a Camporal

A discussion of various scoring systems for a Camporal.