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Descriptions of Unusual Derby Cars

Shape N Race Derby, Pinewood Derby, Kub Kar Rally—whatever you call it, a derby is a lot of fun, and it's a great opportunity for learning and for making memories.

The following descriptions of the photographic images at this site enable those who cannot view the photos to appreciate some of the creativity displayed in the photographs of unusual derby cars.

Rainbow Car

Fluffy cotton balls form clouds at the rear of this car, and six colored stripes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) form a rainbow running the length of the car.

Frog Car

A large green frog is painted on the top of this car. The frog has short orange stripes down the middle of its back, and its red tongue extends towards the front of the car.

Cowgirl Car

A saddle rests on a ridge running down the middle of the car. Straddling the saddle is a cowgirl figure with a long black ponytail, wearing blue jeans, brown boots, a red cloak, and a yellow straw hat. She holds brown reigns attached to the front of the car. A picture of a horse's head is on the front of the car.

Princess Castle

At the rear of the car is a purple castle with red turrets and a yellow roof. In front of the castle is a princess figure wearing a blue dress, and in front of the princess is a figure of a prancing white horse.

Tepee Camp

The green car forms the base for a tiny diorama. Towards the rear of the car, eight white tepees surround a campfire. A blue stream crosses the scene between the front wheels, and a white bridge arches over the stream.

Army Tank

The car body is painted olive green, and a black cannon points forward from a raised "turret" area in the rear. One green army man lies below the cannon, aiming a gun towards the front. Another green army man sticks sticks out of the raised "turret" area, facing forward.

Milk Chocolate with Almonds

The ends of the car are wrapped in shiny foil, and the length of the car is wrapped with the brown label from a Hershey's chocolate bar. Below the word "Hershey's" is the phrase "milk chocolate with almonds", and towards the rear of the car is the phrase "king size".


The flowing curved car body is painted orange, with a black roof and white and silver stripes along the bottom. The Caltrain logo is painted on the side, behind the painted outline of a tiny door with a ladder leading up to it.

Corn on the Cob

Even rows of bright yellow kernels cover the car shaped like an ear of corn, and at the rear of the car, a bright green worm raises its head, facing forward.


The tiny black and white piano keys run the length of the car (along its left side). Above the keys (towards the right side of the car), sheet music rests on top of the shiny black piano. A white bust labeled "MOZART" rests on the piano, towards the right side of the keyboard (near the rear of the car).

Cable Car

A sign on the red roof of the San Francisco style cable car reads "Powell and Hyde Sts". The rear of the cable car is open on the sides, with side-facing benches. The top half of the front end of the car is open.


The bright yellow car forms a base to support a rectangular aquarium made of clear plastic. Among other things, the brightly colored contents of the aquarium include an orange and white clownfish and an open oyster with a blue pearl inside.


The car body fades from white at the bottom (front) to blue with white snowflakes at the top (rear). A snowman made of three round white balls stands in relief with the car body as its background. Its head has black lumps of coal forming its eyes and mouth, and an orange carrot as a nose. A purple scarf is wrapped around its neck, and three more lumps of coal form buttons on its torso.

Ballet Slipper

This simple slipper-shaped car is painted pale pink. On the top of the car is a bright pink bow.


The wooden body of the cello-shaped car is stained a rich chestnut color. The fingerboard and tailpiece are black, and four pale strings run from the scroll, down the fingerboard, over the bridge, and to the tailpiece.

Surfing Dog

A bright yellow dog wearing sunglasses rides a light blue surfboard. The surfboard features a gold stripe running down its length, and the words "Surf's Up!" on its side.


The front and rear feature blue seas, and the middle features a brown volcano mountain. Red and orange lava streams flow down the sides of the volcano. Some lava streams continue across the blue seas.

Space Pirate Ship

A Lego® figure wearing a black space suit faces forward. Behind him is a gray cannon. The top edges of the dark boat-shaped car are bright green. Other brightly colored lego pieces decorate the deck of the car.

Frog and Swim Fin

The body of the car is a bright yellow swim fin with blue around the ankle (at the rear of the car). A green frog at the rear of the car faces forward.

Bowling Lane

The body of the car is a brown bowling lane. There is a row of approach dots at the front of the car, and a triangle of white bowling pins at the rear. A black bowling ball is between the lane arrows and the pins.

Curious George

The front of the car is the bottom of the painting, and the rear of the car is the top. The monkey Curious George is at the bottom. Above him is a coconut palm tree with a brown trunk, green leaves, and brown coconuts. Above it is a pale giraff with orange spots.


A white band with red stripes is labeled "$2000", and is wrapped around a rectangular block with the oversized image of a green and yellow twenty-dollar bill on top. (The car wheels are hidden under the block that looks like a stack of bills.)

Pooh Bear

Winnie the Pooh lies with his feet towards the front of the green car. Above his head (at the rear of the car) is a brown and gold pot with the word "Hunny" written on it.

Tow Truck

The yellow tow truck resembles a pick-up truck, with a gray crane in the rear, a heavy black bumper in the front, and orange emergency lights on top of the cab.

Ballet Slipper

This simple slipper-shaped car is painted pale pink. White ribbon is tied in a simple bow near the toe.

Alpha and Omega

The car body resembles a scroll, with a large white alpha at the front, a large white omega at the rear, and a tilted wooden cross with its base at the alpha, and one arm touching the omega.

Jonah 2:10

The car body forms a sloped beach, with the figure of Jonah lying face down in the sand, and with the head of a large orange and yellow fish sticking above the foaming blue water. "Jonah 2:10" is written on the side of the car.


Sandwiched between two light brown "graham cracker" layers are several white and brown "toasted marshmallows". Under the top cracker is a thin, dark brown "chocolate bar" layer, and dark brown "melted chocolate" is smeared on the "marshmallows".


The car body is painted blue. On top of this blue sea is a black bireme, with two rows of oars on each side, and a large mast and rolled-up sail lying on top, along the length of the ship.


The turtle's large, green head protrudes from the front of its rough, brown shell. A small, green tail extends from the back of the shell, and in the place of its four feet are four black wheels.

Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile

A bright red weiner rest upon a gold platform. The weiner has a small black window at its front end and a gold band with the Oscar Meyer logo around its middle. The back end curls up slightly.

Silver Shark

This stylized silver shark has a long, gracefully sweeping dorsal fin and an enormous, bright-red mouth. Extremely long, saber-like white teeth thrust fowards from its jaws.

Black Armored Tank

Red squares with silver markings decorate the front, sides, and rear of this black armored tank. The hatch on the top of the turret is open, and a cluster of four guns are mounted on the turret, pointing forwards.

Camoflauged ATV

The body of this ATV resembles a motorcycle and is painted with a gray, beige, and green camoflauge pattern. The handlebars and the two storage racks (one behind the seat and one in front of the handlebars) are a dark green.


This car is shaped like a wedge, with the point towards the front. It is a bright watermelon red, with dark watermelon seeds on its top and sides. The rear of the car has a pale green rind, with a mottled dark green skin.

Pencil Car

A stubby yellow hexagonal pencil has "48" and "YANKEE" written on its side. The pale pink eraser is towards the rear, and the sharpened point is towards the front.

Bumper Car

The exterior of the two-seat bumper car's rounded body is metallic green. A thick black bumper surrounds the base of the car. The seats, the interior, and the steering wheel are also black, as is the padding around the electrical pole that sticks up from behind the seats.

Pumping Iron

A single peach-colored "forearm" has a clenched fist at each end. The wheels are mounted on either side of each fist, and resemble the weighted ends of dumbbells.

Bass Boat

A gray bass boat with dark red stripes along its sides rests on a matching dark red trailer. The trailer has four wheels, one pair in the normal rear position, and the other pair towards the front. A black outboard motor is mounted on the rear of the boat.

Bubble Bath

This car is a white bathtub. A blonde, blue-eyed doll reclines against the back of the tub, surrounded by white "bubbles". She wears a lavender swimsuit with yellow and pink flowers.

Roller Skate

The wheels are attached to the beige sole of this white, lace-up, boot-style roller skate. The beige laces are tied in a bow.

Smiling Face

This is a simple blue car with a tapered front. On the top of the car, puffy yellow paint forms a simple smiling face with eyes, nose, and smile.

VeggieTales boat

This car is a white boat. VeggieTales® characters Bob and Larry ride inside the boat. Bob is a round, red tomato with big white eyes and a big white smile. Larry is a tall, green cucumber with big white eyes and a buck-toothed grin.

Three Soldiers

This car is a simple platform for a diorama of three soldiers in assorted camoflauge uniforms. The front soldier leans against a large barrel, facing forward. Two other soldiers stand behind him, facing left and facing rearward.

Hammerhead Shark

This silver hammerhead shark has a broad head with a wide, toothy grin. White "wiggle eyes" are located at the extreme ends of its broad head. On its back is a dorsal fin, the fin that projects out of the water to let shark-movie audiences know that a shark is near. In the rear, a horizontal tail fin forms a racing airfoil.

Sprite Bottle

This opaque yellow[[endash]]green car is shaped like a soft-drink bottle. The label from a real Sprite® bottle is wrapped around the car, with the word "Sprite" in large white letters on a blue and green background. The white plastic screw-off cap on the top of the bottle forms the nose of the car.

Modern Art

The wheels are attached to the base of the sculpture. The base supports more than a dozen oddly shaped forms, some freestanding and others supporting each other. The sculpture's paint varies in color, including golden shades in the top rear area, greenish shades in the top front area, blue and gray shades elsewhere, and small patches of red near some of the joints.

U.S.S. Defiant

The rounded, elongated body of this space craft is silver with black windows and white stripes. A round turret-like structure rests on top, a blue-tipped "nose" projects from the front, and two engine structures with red and black highlights are mounted on the sides.

Hot Dog

A pale pink frankfurter rests on a golden bun. A line of bright red catsup runs down the length of the frankfurter.


Three bright red roses are arranged in a line. The center rose is larger than the front and back roses, and pairs of bright green leaves extend towards the front and rear of the car. A small butterfly rests on each rose[[emdash]]a white one in front, a dark blue one in the center, and a pale yellow one in the rear.

Chocolate Truffles

Four chocolate truffles rest on a marble slab. From front to back, they look like milk chocolate with dark chocolate drizzled across the top, dark chocolate rolled in nuts, dark chocolate with a dark chocolate lattice across the top, and dark chocolate rolled in granulated sugar.

Pink Pig

This blocky pig is pale pink. In front, the pig's face has two black nostrils, two white "wiggle eyes" with black pupils, and two pointed pink ears. In back, a curly red tail sticks into the air.

Striped Fish

This blocky fish is painted with blue and green stripes. It has large white "wiggle eyes" with black pupils, and its throat and teeth are visible through its wide-open mouth.


A brightly colored rainbow arches above fluffy white clouds.


This car is an angular black salamander with irregular blue spots. It has white "wiggle eyes" with black pupils. Its tapered tail extends about three inches behind the rear wheels.

Rabbit Riding Carrot

This car is a tapered orange carrot. At the rear, a small tuft of greens remains attached to the large end of the carrot. A small gray rabbit with a round white tail is holding onto the middle of the carrot with all four paws.


This car is a snowy hillside. A blue and white Lego® snowboarder is just starting down the slope.

Jamaican Bobsled

This car is a black, single-rider bobsled. The action-figure rider lies on his back, covered by a clear plastic canopy. The word "JAMAICA" is painted on the side and front in bright yellow letters.

Semi Tractor

This black semi tractor has a silver grill in front, and a silver fifth wheel (trailer hitch) in back. Behind the cab, the semi tractor has a typical double axle (an extra set of rear wheels) supporting the fifth wheel. A silver "smoke stack" exhaust pipe sticks up from behind the cab.

Tiger Shark

This car is very streamlined, with a triangular tail fin sticking up behind the silver cockpit. The words "Tiger Shark" are hidden within the orange and black striped paint job.

Classy Peanuts in Shell

The car is half a peanut shell. The drivers are two brown-skinned peanuts, with painted smiling faces and large shiny black top hats.

American Luger

A dark blue luge is barely visible under the form of the luger. The luger is completely covered by his sleek, bright red uniform. The helmet has a blue visor, and white letters form the words "USA 98" on his chest.

Cheese and Mouse

This triangular wedge of cheese is bright yellow. In one of the cheese's many holes, a tiny mouse is perched, facing forward.


The car itself is a thin wedge painted sky blue, with several puffy white clouds. Suspended just above the clouds is a small Superman figure wearing blue tights and a large red cape.


This car has flowing curves and is painted bright yellow. Towards the rear, small black wings are mounted on its back. Just behind the wings are thin black stripes, and a pointed stinger is mounted on the tail. Thin black eyes are painted on the front.

Four-Man Bobsled

Mounted at the tail of this medium-blue bobsled are a single horizontal fin and a double vertical fin. Bright red and white stripes accent its smooth body. All we see of the riders are four bright-red heads with smiling faces painted in black.

Jet Ski

This car is a jet ski. The body and handlebar are a light beige, with a medium blue seat, handles, and water-line accent stripe.

Hair Brush

This car is a red-handled hair brush. The body of the brush is black and white, with fourteen black bristles with read and white tips.

Camoflauged Vehicle

This armored transport is painted with a brown-on-beige camoflauge pattern. A black gun is mounted on the roof.

Sushi Express

This car is a small sushi boat, a chopsticks stand, and a pair of chopsticks resting upon both. The pale-blue sushi boat contains a rectangular block of sushi rice with a gray miniature shark on top.


A brown hot dog rests on an orange base. On the sides and front of the hot dog, a door and several windows are outlined in black.

Farm Tractor

This car is a red farm tractor. A silver "smoke stack" exhaust pipe sticks up into the air. Large sculpted wheels in the back hide the real wheels.


The alligator car is green, with a long curved tail behind the rear wheels and a short snout in front of the front wheels. Two white "wiggle eyes" with black pupils are perched on top of the head, just behind the front wheels.

Go Cart

The go cart has a blue chassis with curved blue bumpers in front and in back, a bright red engine above the rear wheels, and a black seat just in front of the engine. A toy action figure in camoflauged clothing sits in the seat, holding a black steering wheel. A triangular, neon pink safety flag waves above the driver's head.


The bow of the silver battleship tapers to a point in front of the front wheels. Behind the rear wheels, the stern is square. On top of the main deck is a multi-level arrangement of command decks, with four long slender cannon extending from the front.

Steak-Sauce Bottle

This car looks a lot like a real bottle of A.1. Steak Sauce, since the labels did come from a real bottle of A.1. Steak Sauce. A white label with red and blue writing wraps around the square body of the brown bottle. The front reads "A.1. Steak Sauce", and the side bears "Nutritional Facts"; the rest of the writing is illegible in this photograph. A smaller label (on which can be read "A.1.") wraps around the round neck, just below the white plastic cap.

Fighter Jet

The cockpit canopy is white, and the rest of the jet is blue-gray. Black lines outline where the wings, stabilizers, and canopy join the body of the jet. Near the rear of the canopy, the words "GOLD EAGLE" are written on the body of the jet.

Radio Flyer Wagon

The words "RADIO FLYER" are written in white on the side of this little red wagon. The black handle rests against the front edge of the wagon body. The center of the wheels is painted white, in typical little-red-wagon style.


The car body forms several white-capped breaking waves in the light blue water. A plastic surfer figurine is perched on top of the waves.

Silver Hammerhead Shark

This silver hammerhead shark has a broad head that is wider than its body. Its black eyes are located at the extreme ends of its broad head. From its back projects its dorsal fin, the fin that projects out of the water to let shark-movie audiences know that a shark is near. Another fin projects horizontally from each side, and its long tail ends in a two-pronged tail fin.

X-Wing Fighter

Short wings extend upwards and forwards from the rear of this space craft. Between them is the dome of an R2 robot, the automated co-pilot. The black canopy for the pilot is in front of the R2 robot.

Camoflauged Tank

A square turret (which actually turns) rests on top of the tank body. A long slender cannon is mounted on the turret. The entire tank is painted a camoflauge pattern.

Monkeys Riding a Bannana

Two small brown monkeys with pink faces, hands, and feet ride a yellow banana. The front money holds onto the banana with both arms and both legs, but the rear monkey is holding onto the other's tail with his right hand.

Zamboni Machine

This large, boxy ice-finishing machine bears the team colors (black and light blue) and logo of the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team. A black seat for the driver is mounted on the back.

Derby Track

Four oversized toy cars race down the slope of this four-lane derby track. A black and white checkered banner marks the finish line at the bottom of the slope. The lanes are painted blue, green, yellow, and red, just like the lanes of the track owned by our unit.

Volkswagon Minibus

This Volkswagon minibus has five windows along the side, and a split windshield in front. The lower half is green, and the upper half is white. The round "VW" logo is mounted in front, just below the windshield. Below the logo, the white of the upper half extends down into the green to form a triangular point. The headlamps are located on either side of this white point. The wheels are white, with shiny chrome hubcaps.

Tape Measure

The silvery squarish body of the tape measure bears a round black label with green and white writing. Only "SILLS" and "30 ft." are legible in this photograph. A red "stop" button is located on the front of the body, and about 5½ inches of the bright yellow tape is extended. The tape measure rests on two wheels (in front of the center of the body) and four metal skids (two at the end of the tape, and two at the rear of the body).

Penguins on Ice Flow

Two black and white penguins stand on an irregularly shaped ice floe. A third penguin is in front of them on the extreme end of another ice floe, which has tipped from the penguin's weight. This penguin's wings are outstretched and it's head is up as it regains its balance.

Puzzle Box

When assembled, this car looks like a wooden model of a formula race car with a wing in back supported by a central vertical strut. When the driver (a rounded white peg with a black visor) is removed, the top (including the wing) can slide sideways, revealing a small compartment in the bottom.

Ben Hur's Chariot

Four white horses wearing silver harnesses pull a white and gold chariot. A leather-clad driver clutches the reins of the horses. This car rests on the two chariot wheels (with painted white spokes and rim) and on two unpainted black wheels hidden amid the horses legs.

Monopoly Car

This all-silver "midget" race car looks like the race-car token from our copy of the board game Monopoly. The driver is Mr. Pennybags (the round-faced, mustachioed man pictured on the Chance and Community Chest cards), wearing a black top hat with a yellow band and a black tux with a yellow vest.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes (the characters from Bill Watterson's comic strip) are riding in Calvin's little red wagon. Yellow-haired Calvin wears a bright red shirt and leans forward with gleeful anticipation, clutching the wagon handle. Hobbes (Calvin's imaginary tiger companion) rides in back, clutching the sides of the wagon in terror, his Hobbes' orange and black tail extending behind the wagon.

Peanut-Butter and Celery

This car is a light-green celery stalk filled with brown peanut butter. The driver is a peanut with a nose, mouth, and white "wiggle eyes" with black pupils. The wide base of the celery stick is towards the rear, where the driver has been stuck into the peanut butter.

2-6-0 Locomotive

The boiler and cab roof of this 2-6-0 locomotive are painted deep green. The cab walls, the tops of the steam and sand domes, the headlamp, the "cow catcher", and the wheels are painted bright red. The smokestack and smokebox are black. Shiny golden brass details include the bell, whistle and hand rails.

Lego Car

This car looks like an Indy-500 car that was built with red Lego® blocks, complete with a rectangular cockpit. The red blocks rest upon a thin white base, which extends to form a wing in front of the front wheels. In the rear, a thin blue wing is supported by two small blue blocks in the rear.


The car is a screwdriver driving a screw into a wedge of wood. The handle of the screwdriver is bright yellow with red grips. The wedge of wood has an oil finish. The screw and the screwdriver blade are bare metal. The wheels are attached to the screwdriver handle and to the wedge of wood. The screwdriver blade has been glued to the screw head, connecting the two halves of the car.

Beaver Driving Log

The car is a log with rough, dark-brown bark. At each end, the pale interior wood is exposed. The driver is a medium-brown beaver with two huge front teeth.