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Derby Cars Resembling Other Vehicles

Shape N Race Derby, Pinewood Derby, Kub Kar Rally—whatever you call it, a derby is a lot of fun, and it's a great opportunity for learning and for making memories.

Unusual derby car designs are a great way for "kids of all ages" to express their creativity. This gallery contains photos of unusual derby cars that resemble other vehicles. Most were entered in the annual Shape N Race Derby run by CSB Stockade unit 876, Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, California.

The "D" links on the individual photo pages link to text descriptions for those who cannot view the photos.

Photo: Army Tank
Photo: Caltrain
Photo: Cable Car
Photo: Space Pirate Ship
Photo: Tow Truck
Photo: Bireme
Photo: Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile
Photo: Black Armored Tank
Photo: Camoflauged ATV
Photo: Bumper Car
Photo: Bass Boat
Photo: U.S.S. Defiant
Photo: Jamaican Bobsled
Photo: Semi Tractor
Photo: American Luger
Photo: Four-Man Bobsled
Photo: Jet Ski
Photo: Camoflauged Vehicle
Photo: Wiener-Mobile
Photo: Farm Tractor
Photo: Go Cart
Photo: Battleship
Photo: Fighter Jet
Photo: Radio Flyer Wagon
Photo: X-Wing Fighter
Photo: Camoflauged Tank
Photo: Zamboni Machine
Photo: Volkswagon Minibus
Photo: Ben Hur's Chariot
Photo: Monopoly Car
Photo: Calvin and Hobbes
Photo: 2-6-0 Locomotive