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Darin McGrew
Software Release Engineer

Senior level engineer with significant experience in Software Release Engineering, and with a demonstrated history of successfully learning new tools on the job.

Professional Qualifications

Software Release Engineering:

Web Development:

Professional Experience

C3 Energy Network, San Mateo, CA
Software Release Engineer (contract)
  • Prepared documentation for SSAE 16 Type 1 audit.
  • Configured continuous integration server using Jenkins (Hudson), stud, HAProxy, and Puppet.

Environment: Linux in Amazon EC2; Git, JIRA, Confluence; supported products used Java.

Google, Mountain View, CA
Software Release Engineer
  • Automated self-service releases, enabling developers to build, test, package, canary, and (in some cases) deploy their products independently.
  • Automated nightly builds and tests.
  • Migrated existing releases to new automation systems, new branch configurations, and new build environments.
  • Coordinated source deliveries from multiple development teams, deploying numerous releases to production servers.
  • Taught introductory accessibility classes for new employees, increasing general awareness of web accessibility among new employees.

Environment: Linux; Perforce; scripting/automation in Perl (legacy only) and Python; internally developed tools for builds, automated tests, continuous integration, self-service releases, packaging, deployment, monitoring, defect/enhancement tracking, etc.; supported products used C++, Java, MySQL.

Epocrates, San Mateo, CA
Software Release Engineer
  • Created scalable release and configuration management procedures, eventually supporting:
    • Dozens of products (internal and external), some with multiple active development branches.
    • Heterogeneous build and deployment environments, including multiple platforms for web application servers, desktop/laptop computers, and handheld devices.
    • Intranet web application for automated server configuration verification.
  • Coordinated migration of Perforce depot to Linux server without delaying aggressive development schedules.

Environment: Solaris (SysV), Linux; Microsoft Windows (NT, 2000, XP), Mac OS X; Palm OS, Microsoft Windows CE (Pocket PC, SmartPhone); Solaris and RPM packages, InstallShield and Installer VISE installers; Perforce, CVS, ExtraView; Apache, Cold Fusion, Tomcat, WebLogic, lighttpd; scripting/automation with Perl, Bash, make, ant, Cygwin, Microsoft Windows batch files; supported products used C++, Java.

Hewlett–Packard, Cupertino, CA
Software Release Engineer
  • Coordinated numerous source deliveries from multiple development teams.
  • Created and taught introductory classes for new employees, which resulted in employees rapidly becoming productive in our development environment.

Environment: HP-UX (SysV); ClearCase with internally developed wrappers; scripting/automation in Perl, Ksh; Apache, CGI; internally developed tools for builds, submit queues, monitoring, etc.

Compaq Computers, Cupertino, CA
(formerly Tandem Computers)
Software Release Engineer
  • Created intranet web application for release and media tracking.
  • Created department intranet web site with input from multiple sources.
  • Coordinated numerous source deliveries from multiple development teams.
  • Coordinated migration to Continuus/CM without delaying aggressive development schedule.

Environment: Microsoft Windows NT (3.5, 3.51, 4.0), MSDN; MKS Source Integrity, Continuus/CM; scripting/automation in Ksh, Microsoft Windows batch files. AOLserver, Tcl, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft FrontPage.

Other Experience

Web Design Group,

Content development, server configuration, and forum moderation for a web site that promotes creative, informative, browser-independent, and resolution-independent web sites that are accessible to all users worldwide.

The King's Academy, Sunnyvale, CA
Secondary School Teacher

Taught pre-algebra classes. Assisted drama director with acting classes and extra-curricular musical.


B.S. Electrical Engineering—Computers, Stanford University, Stanford, CA