Stafnord RolePlayers (SRP)

+ Status: Stafnord RolePlayers (SRP) went inactive in the late '90s. For the usual sorry excuses. The mailing list is stopped. But I still maintain an up to date list for local gaming groups and a loose list for misc postings where you can post your call for players (as a GM or an established open group). In exceptional cases, I will also post listings from players looking for difficult to find situations.

For nostalgia's sake, what Stafnord RolePlayers (SRP) was about:

+ Stafnord RolePlayers (SRP) was an open - and open was key - informal gaming group dedicated to role-playing games on the San Francisco peninsula (California, USA). SRP itself did not organise games, the game masters (GMs) did. SRP provided a forum for scheduling games, finding players, finding game masters, sharing worlds and systems, etc... We aimed (and still do) to put in touch as many players and GMs in our area, as possible. In summary, SRP was a group of groups.

+ SRP was about role-playing games exclusively! If you are not sure you are at the right place, check our pointers for game styles and related ressources, and our list of local gaming groups.

+ Our posted games were open to the public, and we always welcomed more players and game masters, experienced or not. There was no obligation, no membership fee (no membership for that matter :-), nothing, just playing with us. Sta-fnord RolePlayers had no tie with Stan-ford University other than having been founded by students, and having a number of affiliated players and game masters.

+ The mailing list was the normal way to receive group-related info. SRP generated a weekly newsletter to keep everybody aware of upcoming and ongoing games. We emailed 3 pages weekly, plus game backgrounds. We also distributed a phone and email list at irregular intervals. The mailing list was not a discussion list, nor a gaming magazine, but a scheduling tool.

+ We encouraged members to be more than mailing list recipients. The games only happened if game masters went ahead and tried to run them. Equally Attractive Non-Gaming Activities (EANGAs), social events, etc... happened if people made use of the phone/email list. Such events could also be advertised in the regular mailings.

+ Group Stats: over 110 players and game masters. Founded in 1986.

+ Age Restrictions: Grown-up gamers only, sort of, defined as mental age "college freshman" and up (in an attempt to improve game mood). And generally, above 18. There are other, younger groups playing in the area, and at their request I will include their contact info here.

+ The Group has played AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, Twilight 2000, Traveller, GURPS (Horror, Fantasy, Space, Swashbucklers, Supers, Prisoner, Cyberpunk, Vikings, Bunnies, Traveller, Time Travel and more), Rolemaster, 4th Age, Villains & Vigilantes, Hero (Champions, Fantasy, Victorian), Star Wars, Ars Magica, SORD, Runequest and we tried pretty much any other system we could find a game master for!

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