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STAFNORD ROLEPLAYERS: Open role-playing games on the San Francisco Peninsula, California, USA. Game masters (GMs) are free to run any game under their rule and responsibility. New Players and GMs welcome. We aim to put in touch as many players and GMs in our area, as possible.

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How it works: I am re-opening this section for listings. Pretty much anything goes but limit single player listings to "difficult" cases. Mostly wanted are listings for open groups looking for more players (a handful of players with a single game is just fine) and GMs ready to start a game and looking for players. Listings are limited to contacts above 18. There are other, younger groups and listing sites active in the area, and at their request I will include their contact info on the local groups page. Pierre.

+ Peninsula Bay Area 30s Gamer Seeking A Game With Substance

From: Shannon, bishop026 at sbcglobal dot net.

Experience with all D&D editions, as well as offshoots like Arduin, Five Rings, Top Secret/S.I. and Warhammer RPG (which looks the most interesting right now). I have played but have less experience with these gaming systems: Runequest, Shadowrun, Champions, Fantasy Hero, GURPS, Traveler, Call of Cthulhu, Star Frontiers and Munchkin.

I have noticed D&D doesn't lend itself to much RPGing so it depends on the person running it as well as the players. I am more interested in a great group of gamers and care less about the actual game being played.

Interested in playing with a group that's mature and NOT mostly into hack and slash. More than roleplaying desired . .. a campaign that breathes and lives in itself, like a good novel, would be great. Big bonus if I can hang out with you outside of the game b/c that will make the actual gaming experience more enjoyable.

Favored areas: exploring, true roleplaying, moral dilemmas, realms that make logical sense in the world building sense, some familiarity with History a bonus, players who can laugh and aren't uptight or rules lawyers or ego driven or selfish. Basic manners go without saying.

PS: For DMs who like it, I have DMed for many years (i.e. I started at 11 and am now 37), so can appreciate being a player at the other end of the table. Have gamed several very long campaigns ranging from ages 20-65. I am located about 15 minutes north of Palo Alto.

PPS: I am available Saturdays through Mondays. I may be open to a weekday game, depending on the strength of the person running the game, as well as the dynamics of the players (i.e. I find that well established gaming groups are best b/c they're less likely to have friction). I would prefer to not have to drive more than a half hour in one direction for a weekday game. Weekend games are open to more driving.

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