Passed Away November 16, 2008 at 14 1/2 years old


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Written November 17, 2008

Dear Grandma Ruth,

This is the hardest email I ever had to write. Nov 16, 08 was the saddest day of our lives. At 10:30am our baby Barkley passed away. In early August 2008 Barkley did not want to walk and stopped eating. If you knew our baby there was a major problem because there are 4 loves in her life (daddy,mommy,food & treats). We were at the hospital every other day trying to find out what was wrong. Finally Dr Clarey felt something abnormal in her belly. The xray showed a mass in her belly. Dr Clarey and a radiologist could not tell what it was. Finally on August 14, 2008, Dr Clarey told us either to put her to sleep or give her surgery to see what was the problem. He told us if he discover something that would effect her quality of life then he would not bring her back. We took the chance and gave her the surgery. We cried so much and hope he had good news for us. At 8pm Dr Clarey called and told us he found a 6" in diameter tumor in her belly. He took out the tumor and her spleen. We let Barkley stay at the hospital for a week so the doctors can take care of her. The lab said the tumor was low grade cancer. A week later we brought Barkley home and she was like a brand new puppy. We gave her regular check ups during this time and everything was normal. Last week she was having trouble walking and did not have an appetite again. We thought her arthritis was giving her problems again. On Saturday we brought her to the hospital and Dr D gave her an xray that showed fluid in her belly, but she wasn't able to tap it. She was afraid Barkley might be bleeding into her belly. Our world came crashing down. We took her to SF Veterniary Specialist for an ultrasound. The result took us by surprise and literally our world collasped. Dr West told us he found very little fluid, but her belly had multi mass in it. The cancer had spread so fast. There was nothing we could do. If she did eat then she had 2 weeks and if she did not eat then 2 days. We had the doctor give her a patch for pain/discomfort. We took her home Sat to spend time with us. I held her the whole night and cried. Watching her not be able to walk was devastating. She was so weak and tired but still gave us her famous smile. A part of me wanted to hold on to her longer, but she stopped eating the next morning. It took everything out of us to bring her back to the hospital. It was very important to me that our sweet baby is able to see our face when the doctor put her to sleep. I wanted her to know we were there for her until the end. At 10:28am we told her we will always love her & will miss her forever. She closed her eyes and took a nap.

Our Barkley was always there for us. She fell in love with my husband 11 years ago and Barkley was truly daddy's baby girl...All she had was unconditional love and she was our world.

We wanted to say thank you so much for our baby Barkley. No words can ever describe how much she meant to us. She was 14 1/2 years old and that's how many unconditional years of love she gave me. We are trying very desparately to hang on and get thru this sad time, but she was always with us that a part of us is missing. We truly miss her so much. Hope some day we can adopt another baby from you.

Thank you so much

Nancy and Richard

....Barkley had a wonderful long life with Nancy and Richard and she will always be a part of their lives. We know when we take them into our heart that someday we will have to say goodby, but it is still so hard. We, finally, can only be grateful for the days we were blessed with their presence. And never forget the joy they brought us.

Nancy okayed my forwarding this to you for the web site. Barkley was a daughter from Onya's first litter and therefore a sister of Dollie and Lexi. She was aunt to Hana, Tango, Raven, Tahoe and Heather and all of their offspring....


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