Ting Ting
February 22, 1998 - June 5, 2008

Written June 6, 2008

TingTing died at 7pm last night. She went quietly after an illness of about four months. The vets were never able to give a definitive diagnosis but she patiently endured many tests and charmed many many people with her good humor and sweetness through it all.

Lou and Rita and their family miss her dreadfully and asked if you would let the rest of the Silveroaks family know. She will be buried in a nearby pet cemetery where they can visit.

TingTing was born February 22, 1998 at my house. Her parents were Tyler and Jasmine. Rita and her family visited often and picked her from the three puppies when they were very young. TingTing had one litter sired by Frankie which included Silveroaks Ltd Edition Teddy, who also is missing his mother.

TingTing was the center of their family and I know Rita would appreciate hearing from the Silveroaks Family members. My favorite memory of TingTing at one reunion is her managing to steal a large part of a ring pastry and was carrying it around. She was so pleased with herself and disappointed when we took the big treat away from her. But she was sweet about it, as she always was.

Thank you,

Written June 10, 2008

Yesterday our lovely Ting Ting had been buried at the Pet's Rest Cemetery with a simple ceremony including family and friend. Many beautiful roses have been planted around her. Teddy attended too. He was extremely quiet.

Teddy is missing his mother Ting Ting a lot. When he is in the sad moments, he refused to go out walk until he got Ting Ting's collar and leash on him. He was looking at the rack where all the collar and leash are. He wanted me to get the one Ting Ting used for the last few weeks. Once I got that one, he sat down, sniffed the leash, and asked to put it on him. When he got the collar and leash on him, he kept shaking his hands with me and also stood up giving me a big hug. Teddy is such a loving boy, he uses his own way to express how much he is missing his mother. My eyes just full filled with tears.


June 6, 2008

Our fondest memory of Ting Ting was at our family reunion when she stole the dessert off the table. What was funny was while she was trying to make her grand escape with the dessert in her mouth and people were chasing her, she was eating the dessert at the same time.

Last year when Ruth was giving a slideshow presentation in the family room, there was a commotion going on in the dining area where all the food was. Ruth said "Ting Ting has been hungry all her life" and everyone laughed. Everyone couldn't help but love Ting Ting.

She also had the cutest freckles on her face.

We will miss her.

Elise & Bill, and Hana

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