7th Annual 2006 Silveroaks Family Reunion

Please RSVP to Ruth (ruths@rahul.net) and Elise (hanacastrovalley@yahoo.com) to let us know what you would like to bring. Keep checking this web site to see an updated list of dishes people are bringing.

Click here to see the INVITATION that was sent.

This list was last updated on October 15, 2006

1. Grandma Ruth --Darcy (parents are Faith and Tango)

--Danny/Lenny (responds to either name), 9 months old [a son of Janet (Juneau, Logan & Faith's sister) and Robbie (Genna's brother]
Croissant sandwiches
2. Rita, Lou --Ting Ting, 8 years old (mother of Teddy, Tasha, Kody)

--Teddy, 5.5 yrs old (father is Frankie; mother is Ting Ting)
Chinese chicken salad
3. Elise, Bill --Hana, 6.5 years old, born 2/2/2000 (half sister of Mika; sister of Tango; parents are Cherokee's Moondancer and Silveroaks Legasy - Lexie) Cookies
4. Kai --Happy, 5 years old (daughter of Tango and Geena) Beer
5. Keith, Sam --Cello, 5 years old (daughter of Tango and Geena)

--Danny/Lenny, 9 months old [son of Janet (Juneau, Logan & Faith's sister) and Robbie (Genna's brother)]
Ham roll-ups and chips
6. Michele and Rick --Elke, 2 years old, born 5/19/04 (daughter of Raven and Logan; Raven is Hana's sister) Chocolate cake
7. Dave, Julie, Rebecca & Veronica --Kona, 20 months old, born 1/5/05 (daughter of Tango & Faith) Caesar salad
8. Alicia and Brian --Mika, 3 years old (half sister of Hana; mother is Silveroaks Legasy - Lexie) Sourdough bread and spinach dip
9. Chris, Sue, and Grammy Marcia --Kody, 5 years and 4 months old (mom is Reba; Kody and Juneau have the same father.) salami, crackers, and cheese
10. Malek family --Tahoe (mom is Dolly) sodas
11. Liz --Kody 5.5 years old (mother is Ting Ting; father is Frankie; sibling is Teddy)

--Faith, almost 6 years old (mom to Kona and Ender; mom to Moxie)
veggies and dip, and assorted finger food
12. Arlene and Rose --Touché, AKC & UKC Ch Silveroak's First Impression. (First daughter of "Juneau" and "Heather"; whelped on January 1, 2004)

macaroni salad? protein dish? ?
13. Jenni and Dani --Jack, 15 months old (father is Logan; mother is Rainy) fruit salad
14. Willie, David --Peluche (brother of Elke) ?