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Welcome to the Silveroaks American Eskimo web site!
We're located in California and Washington.
If you are interested in adding an Eskie to your family or have questions, contact Breeder Ruth Sampson.
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phone: (650) 572-2575
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   The years keep flying by and we're planning the 12th Annual Silveroaks Family Reunion!!! Check out the beautiful flyer that Lou created for us! We hope you will join us to celebrate this 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Please RSVP and let us know your potluck dish, so we can plan accordingly.  Hope to see you soon!

If you're unable to join us this year, feel free to leave a message on the guestbook to let us know how you and your eskie are doing!

   It is with great sadness we note that one of our favorite participants of the annual reunion, Hana, has passed away.  She was beloved by Elise and Bill and a ray of sunshine for us all.  Her parents were Lexi (who is still alive at 15) and Danny. Sweet and funny Hana is sorely missed.

We will also be missing Kody this year. Kody was bred by Rita and was a littermate of Lou and Rita's Teddy. His mother was TingTing and sire was Franki. He was a high energy boy who could light up a room. He was well know in his home town for taking himself for walks. We'll miss you, Kody.


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