8th Annual 2007 Silveroaks Family Reunion

Please RSVP to Ruth (ruths@rahul.net) and Elise (hanacastrovalley@yahoo.com) to let us know what you would like to bring. Keep checking this web site to see an updated list of dishes people are bringing.

Click here to see the INVITATION that was sent.

This list was last updated on September 11, 2007

1. Grandma Ruth --Darcy (Daughter of Tango & Faith; sibling to Kona and Casper)  Not sure yet
2. Rita, Lou --Ting Ting, 9 years old (mother of Teddy, Tasha, Kody)

--Teddy, 6.5 yrs old (father is Frankie; mother is Ting Ting)
Not sure yet
3. Elise, Bill --Hana, 7.5 years old, born 2/5/2000 (half sister of Mika; sister of Tango; parents are Cherokee's Moondancer and Silveroaks Legasy - Lexie) Cookies
4. Michele, Rick  --Elke, born 5/19/04 (daughter of Raven and Logan. Sister to Peluche and Teddybear) large muffuletta sandwich. (it's a sandwich famous in New Orleans, especially the french quarter) Deli style with three kinds of meat and marinated with olive salad
5. Dave, Julie, Rebecca & Veronica  --Kona (2 years, 8 months; Daughter of Tango & Faith) pizza 
6. Susan will try to make it. Lily (Silveroaks Double Take born April 2007), daughter of Juneau and Touche Potato salad
7. Patte Bailey, 14 months old. (Coral and Teddy are the parents) Fruit salad
8. Sandy Teddy Bear, born 5/19/2004, son of Raven and Logan. Brother to Peluche and Elke Pasta Salad that has cheese and meat chopped up
9. Ginni and Val Niki Vegetables and dip
10. Arlene, Rose, Mom Touche (daughter of Juneau and Heather) Waldorf salad
11. Kai, Karen Happy (daughter of Tango and Geena) Drinks (Soda, etc) 
12. Tasha's Family --Tasha (daughter of TingTing and Frankie; sister of Teddy and Kody)

--Tango (littermate to Hana; father of Happy; father of Kona and Darcy and Casper)
13. Robert, Alice --Casper (littermate to Kona and Darcy; son of Tango and Faith) Pinwheel wraps
14. Mary, Julie --Nikki (daughter of Dolly who is a half sister to Lexi and so is a cousin of Hana and Tango) bite size chocolate cupcakes and some cookies for dessert