9th Annual 2008 Silveroaks Family Reunion

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This list was last updated on September 6, 2008

1. Grandma Ruth --Darcy (Daughter of Tango and Faith; sibling to Kona and Ender) Sandwiches
2. Rita, Lou --Teddy, 7.5 yrs old (son of Frankie and Ting Ting; littermate to Kody and Tasha) Zucchini Honey Bundt Cake
3. Elise, Bill --Hana, 8.5 years old, born 2/5/2000 (half sister of Mika; littermate of Tango; parents are Cherokee's Moondancer and Silveroaks Legasy - Lexie) Deviled eggs
4. Dave, Julie, Rebecca & Veronica --Kona, 3.5 years old (daughter of Tango and Faith; sibling to Darcy and Ender)
--Zero, 1 year old (son of Kona and Teddy)
Green salad and French bread
5. Michelle, Rick --Elke, born 5/19/04 (daughter of Raven and Logan. Sister to Peluche and Teddybear)
--Brix, 4.5 month old Great Pyreneese puppy
Not sure yet
6. Liz --Kody (brother of Teddy and Tasha; son of TingTing and Frankie)
--Faith (littermate of Franki; sister of Juneau; mother of Darcy; grandma to Darcy's new puppies!)
Assorted finger sandwiches (just the right size for Eskies!) and some bottled water/iced teas
7. Patte --Bailey, a bit over two years old (her parents are Teddy and Cool Change) Brownies
8. Frank, Vince, Diana --Stoli (Parents are Janet and Robbit) Foccocia bread, an italian thin bread with different toppings
9. Johnnie Lett, Brandon --Dusty, one year old (Parents are Kona and Teddy) Main Dish
10. Sandy and John --Teddybear, born 5/19/04 - 4 years old (son of Raven and Logan. Brother to Elke and Peluche) Pasta Salad that has meat and cheese mixed in
11. Susan --Lily (her parents are Touche and Juneau) Maybe a pasta salad?
12. Cathy --Schmoopy, born 3/30/07 (his parents are Tango and Finding Juneau);
--Adopting a puppy!!!
Paper plates, utensils, and some soft drinks
13. Willie, Yesenia and David --Peluche, born 5/19/04 - 4 years old (son of Raven and Logan. Brother to Elke and Peluche) Papusas
14. Arlene, Rose --Touche (parents are Heather and Juneau) Fruit platter
15. Family from San Carlos, 4 people --Potential new future parents To be decided
16.   --