6th Annual 2005 Silveroaks Family Reunion

Please RSVP to Ruth (ruths@rahul.net) and Elise (hanacastrovalley@yahoo.com) to let us know what you would like to bring. Keep checking this web site to see an updated list of dishes people are bringing.

Click here to see the INVITATION that was sent.

This list was last updated on September 23, 2005.

1. Grandma Ruth Heather. [She is a Dollie daughter (and Tahoe half-sister). Dolly is a half sister of Lexi so Heather and Hana are first cousins. She also is the mother of Touche and Primo.] Shrimp with cocktail sauce, croissant sandwiches
2. Rita, Lou --Ting Ting, 7 years old (mother of Teddy, Tasha, Kody)
--Teddy, 4.5 yrs old (father is Frankie; mother is Ting Ting)
Chicken salad and cake
3. Elise, Bill --Hana, 5.5 years old, born 2/2/2000 (half sister of Mika; sister of Tango; parents are Cherokee's Moondancer and Silveroaks Legasy - Lexie) Chocolate chip cookies
4. Kai, Guoying --Happy, 3.5 years old (daughter of Tango) Soft drinks
5. Sal, Karin --Mika, 2 years old (half sister of Hana) Stuffed mushrooms
6. Sandy and John --Teddy Bear, born 5/19/04 Pasta salad
7. Michele and Rick --Elke, born 5/19/04 (daughter of Raven and Logan; Raven is Hana's sister) Mexican lasagna
8. Nina and husband, and niece --Tasha (daughter of Ting Ting and Frankie)  
9. Willie and family --Paluche (littermate of Elke and Teddy Bear)  
10. Marisha and Arnie --want to get a female puppy Brownies
11. Robert and Andrew --Shiloh, 2.5 years old  
12. Dave, Julie, Rebecca, Veronica --Kona, 8 months old (parents are Dancing In The Dark and Keeping The Faith) Chicken Wings
13. Chris, Sue, Kelly, Johnny, and Grammy --Kody, 4 years old Salami, cheese and crackers
14. Arlene --Touché, AKC & UKC Ch Silveroak's First Impression. (First daughter of "Juneau" and "Heather"; whelped on January 1, 2004) Homemade spaghetti or homemade Waldorf salad
15. Jonathan G. --wants to get a puppy Mexican 7 layer dip and chips
16. Liz S. --Kodiak (Kody... aka Tommy) 4.5 years old. (sibling of Teddy and Tasha; mother is Ting Ting; father is Frankie) Assortment of bottled water, soft drinks, etc, and something else too
17. Helen B. --Sterling, 3 years old Bagels and cream cheese
18. Tom, Mary, Andrew, Amy --Gracie, 2 1/2 years old, born 2/26/03 (mother is Rainy and father is Living Well ) Large fresh fruit salad and lemon bars
19. Mike, Marina, 2 children --Tahoe, 6 years old (son of Dolly) Caesar salad