This article was published in the July 2008 issue of American Eskimo Dog Club of America Review.

Photo of Ting Ting Ten Years,
Too Short for Us,
We Miss You…

Silveroaks Ting Ting
February 22, 1998 -- June 5, 2008

Ting Ting has been gone for 10 days already. Without her, the loud and soft barks was gone; without her, the beautiful figure running around her son, Silveroaks LTD Edition Teddy, has disappeared; without her, we will never be able to pick up her soft white hair from the bright wood floor. We miss you, Ting Ting.

Ting Ting started being sick in late January 2008. The first sign was that her appetite decreased. A few weeks later, her left front leg limped. After a week, the left front leg was getting better, but her left back leg started limping. For the last four and one-half months, she had been examined and evaluated by the primary vet, surgeon, oncologist, and internal medicine vet, and had ultrasounds, X-rays, joint-tap procedures, bone biopsy, etc. However, all the vets were never able to give a definitive diagnosis, but Ting Ting patiently endured many tests and charmed many, many people with her good humor and sweetness through it all. For most of the vet visits, she had to be examined by multiple vets, who touched her pain points. Ting Ting was always wagging her tail to the vets and nurses despite the intense pain. When one vet finished the exam, she would turn her head and greet the next one.

During her last few painful days, she did not want to eat and drink, she could not stand to walk, she laid in the bed most of time. Even though she had tremendous pain in her body, when I fed her, when I carried her around -- when I came home from work, she was always wagging her tail and blinking her eyes -- she tried to tell me, “I am okay!” We were all planning to see more specialized vets to diagnosis the disease. An appointment was made to visit internal medicine vet at UC Davis on June 9th. However, the merciless unknown disease took our sweetest girl Ting Ting’s life on June 5th at 7:00 p.m. She passed away quietly and peacefully.

Ting Ting was gone. She left us many many memorable moments.

Picture of Ting Ting as a very active puppy Ting Ting was the first eskie to join our family. She was born on February 22, 1998 at Ruth’s house.  We picked her because of her sweetness and activeness.

Ting Ting was a very active puppy. Until she was over Picture of Ting Ting dancing and singing one year old, I even did not know how she looked when she was sleeping, since I never saw her in sleep while I was at home. She was playing all the time. Her potty training was not easy. I had to consult the professional trainer. The advice was: praise and reward when she did right. Okay, let’s try. I put her onto the newspaper, after she did potty, I quickly praised her “Good Girl,” and rewarded her a treat. Only after that one try, she had established an equation: “potty = treat.” During the next couple of hours, every few minutes she went to the potty area, did a few drops of urine, and came back to me asking for a treat. What a smart girl!

Picture of Ting Ting fetching frisbee Ting Ting was an adventurer. She was curious about everything around her: what is in the box which is set on the table: let me jump on to the table, then jump into the box; what is in Grandma Ruth’s bedroom: let me push the door knob down and open the door; what happened outside the patio: let me push the sliding door to the side and go out to check out. So much fun!

Ting Ting loved to eat. Every fall Ting Ting was looking forward to the Annual Silveroaks Family Reunion party. Not only she would like to meet and play with many relative eskies and human friends, but most importantly she would have the opportunity to have many good foods. She would wait by the table, waiting for the right moment to check out the goodies! One time, she took a whole pastry ring from the table. While she was running around with everyone chasing her, she was still eating the ring at the same time!

Picture of Ting Ting and Puppies Ting Ting had one litter sired by Frankie (littermate of Juneau) which included Silveroaks Ltd Edition Teddy. Ting Ting experienced most painful labor processing. She started contraction in the morning. After a few hours of her hard try, the puppy did not come out. Ruth and I took her to the hospital. There were two options: Caesarian section which will give her easy time, but not well to the puppies, or use both her and vet’s effort to push and pull the puppy out for which she had to follow the command to make the movement. After the vet evaluated Ting Ting’s temperament, the second option was chosen. With nurses assistance, Ting Ting was stand on the table, made “push” action by following the nurse’s command “push,” at the same time, the vet tried to pull the puppy out. She was exhausted after the first puppy out. After a half hour break, the same processing repeated, then she delivered the second puppy Teddy. An hour later, same processing delivered the third puppy. Each puppy weighted 16 ounces. During the entire processing, she was in a great pain, but she even did not make a single groan. Her intelligence and sweet personality amazed all the vets and nurses.

Picture of Ting Ting and Teddy at the Golden Gate Bridge Ting Ting was a great mother. She was not only nursing the puppies well, but also training them well. Her training method was based on puppies’ personality. Teddy was a quiet boy and loved to sleep. Ting Ting spent extra time to train him to be active, motivated him to play with her as well as to play with siblings. Teddy is the lucky boy to be selected to stay with Ting Ting. For the last seven years, she took good care for Teddy. She kept all the work to herself, such as watching the house. She gave all the good thing to Teddy first, such as outings and eating. From her mother nature, she really spoiled Teddy.

Picture of Ting Ting Ting Ting was gone. Our heart was broken. We miss her dreadfully including Teddy.  When he was thinking of Ting Ting, he refused to go out walk until he got Ting Ting's collar and leash.    After I put the collar on him, he kept shaking his hands with me and also stood up giving me a big hug.  Teddy is a very sensitive loving boy: he uses his own way to express how much he is missing his mother.   My eyes just filled with tears.

Ting Ting,  the true loving and sweet girl,   we thank you for bringing the joy to our family, thank you for passing on your good traits to the offspring to carry on the family genes. Ten years was too short for us to be together, but you will always live in our heart, be remembered, and be loved forever. 

From Rita Xiong, June 15, 2008

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