12th Annual 2011 Silveroaks Family Reunion

Keep checking this web site to see an updated list of dishes people are bringing.

1. Grandma Ruth --Darcy (Daughter of Tango and Faith; sibling to Kona and Ender)
--and many others....
wrap sandwiches
2. Rita, Lou --Teddy, 8.5 yrs old (son of Frankie and Ting Ting; littermate to Kody and Tasha) Chicken Salad
3. Diana & Jim --soon to be puppy parents Bar-B-Q chicken or ribs
4. Cathy will come with Smoopy --Silveroak's One hot Little Number (Call Name is Sassy) (daughter of Juneau and Darcy).
--Silveroak's Love of Kate's Life (Call Name is Schmoopy) / DOB: 03.30.07
5. Tim and Dale --Shotzi Brother of Pi and Touche, Son of Juneau and Heather fruit salad or cheeses
6. Patte --Bailey (Teddy & Coral) and Coco (3 months old, daughter of Sterling and Touche) brownies, most likely
7. Susan -- Lily (Silveroaks Double Take), born April 2007; daughter of Juneau and Touche;
8. Liz --Faith (littermate of Franki and Juneau; mother of Darcy; grandma to Darcy and Kona's puppies!) Smoked Salmon & fixins
9. Arlene --Renier and Glacier, 4 month old sons of Touche and Sterling carrot-pineapple-orange Jello salad/sidedish
10. Rick -- Elkie, daughter of Raven and Logan, sister to Peluche and TeddyBear. Seven years old (born 5/19/2004) - `Brix, a 3 year old Great Pyrenees, born 4/10/2008 grilled chicken wings
11. Sam & Keith Cello (daughter of Genna & Tango) and Silver (Janet & Robbie) Drinks & Cooler
12. Frank and his father & sister Stolie (son of Janet & Robbie)  
13. Rose Cookie (honorary Silveroak girl)  
14. Elise & Cameron Silveroaks Good Time Charlie (son of Mariah & Sterling, born January 2010) chocolate cake
15. Darlene Sara daughter of Peluche and Chiquita pasta salad