Welcome to the a2i User Bin

This page tells you everything you wanted to know About the Bin, about Using the Bin, about the Contents of the Bin, and about Contributing to the Bin.

About the Bin

The a2i User Bin is a collection of programs and scripts that a2i users have made available for their fellow a2i users. With the a2i User Bin, we can use software that a2i does not want to support and newer versions that a2i has not upgraded to yet. Whenever one person contributes something, everyone else benefits by not having to install, maintain, and use disk space for their own copies.

This project was inspired by NUGLOPS (Netcom User Group List of Programs & Scripts) and the Pack Rat Network (at CRL Network Services). These Internet service providers no longer exist.

See the History of the Bin and Bylaws of the Bin for more information about the Bin.

Using the Bin

To use the programs and scripts, put this in your .cshrc file:

set path = (/local/userbin/os/bin $path)

To use the man pages, put this in your .login file:

if ($?MANPATH) then
   setenv MANPATH /local/userbin/os/man:$MANPATH

See Seriously Using the Bin for more information about using the Bin.

Contents of the Bin

Each entry lists the following information:

Available as: the names of the commands (the User Bin often provides both generic and version-specific names), or the name of the library
Available for: which operating systems this thing runs on
Version: the version number
Location: where this thing actually is (just in case you want to examine a script)
Requires: other things you need
Documentation: where to read the fornicating manual
Other files: examples, source code, or other stuff
Home: where this thing originally came from

Description: what this thing does

Differences: if a2i has a copy of this thing, the differences between the User Bin's version (usually newer) and a2i's version (usually older)

Contributor: the person who contributed this thing (and their email address)

The contents are listed by type (commands (SunOS and FreeBSD), CGIs, and libraries) and by contributor. The contents are followed by the current managers of the Bin.

Access to some links is restricted to a2i users. If you are an a2i user, you can obtain access from your a2i account.

Contributing to the Bin

Although there are many things in the Bin, these things are not really "in" the Bin. Each thing is stored by the user that contributed it. The User Bin directories just contain symbolic links to everything.

To submit something to the Bin, install it somewhere and change the permissions so everyone can read and execute it. If there are man pages or other documentation, please install those files too. Then send email describing the thing, where it is installed, and where it originally came from. The information for the listing will be researched and/or verified before the submission is added to the User Bin.

Please send any comments, corrections, submissions, or suggestions regarding the User Bin to <userbin@rahul.net>.


a2i User Bin / 20 Mar 2004