Bylaws of the Bin

Article 1. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the User Bin.

Article 2. PURPOSE

The User Bin is organized to facilitate the sharing of executables so that a2i users can use software that a2i does not want to support and newer versions of software that a2i has not upgraded to yet.


Types of membership shall consist of regular, contributing, and managing memberships.

A. Regular membership requires that the member be an a2i subscriber or a2i employee. Each a2i account shall be eligible for one membership.

B. Contributing membership requires that the contributor install, maintain, and provide disk space for one or more executables for the User Bin. Contributions may be refused by a majority vote of all managing members.

C. Managing membership requires that the manager assist in the maintenance of the User Bin directories, symbolic links, whatis database, web pages, scripts, and other support facilities. Prospective managers must be contributors in good standing for at least one month and must be approved by the unanimous vote of all managers. There shall be no more than three managers at any time.

Each regular member shall be entitled to cast one vote. Each contributing member shall be entitled to cast two votes. Each managing member shall be entitled to cast four votes.

Article 4. MEETINGS

An ongoing meeting shall be held in the a2i.userbin newsgroup. Votes may be called upon petition of any three members. Notice of any votes shall be posted in a2i.userbin at least seven days in advance. A quorum shall not be less than two-thirds of the managers and a majority of the contributors. Motions are passed by a majority vote of all members voting, if and only if a quorum has participated.

Article 5. ASSETS

The User Bin shall not accept or disburse money for any purpose.

a2i Communications shall allocate the following assets to the User Bin.

A. Account. The "userbin" account shall allow unlimited rlogins from User Bin managers. The account's disk quota shall be sufficient to contain the User Bin symbolic links, whatis database, web pages, scripts, and other support facilities. The account's directories shall be on filesystems that are periodically backed up. The account shall permit cron and background jobs. The account shall allow web service with unlimited hits per day, unlimited megabytes per day, and cgi-bin program execution.

B. Newsgroup. The "a2i.userbin" newsgroup shall be used for User Bin announcements and discussion.

Newsgroups line:

a2i.userbin                  User Bin announcements and discussion.


Charges of intentional destruction of property, intentional denial of service, intentional distribution of self-replicating software, intentional invasion of privacy, violation of intellectual property rights, violation of existing laws, violation of the a2i Communications Terms of Service, or other unethical conduct related to the User Bin may be posted to the a2i.userbin newsgroup. The accused member shall be notified by email and shall have the privilege of responding in a2i.userbin. The member may be demoted by a two-thirds vote or expelled by a three-fourths vote of all members voting. a2i Communications shall consider a vote for expulsion to be sufficient cause to terminate the member's account.

In no event shall a2i Communications be liable for any damages resulting from the User Bin. User Bin managers and contributors shall not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages resulting from the User Bin. Members are liable for damages resulting from any intentional or malicious acts which they commit.


The bylaws may be amended or altered by a two-thirds vote of all the members voting. Any proposed amendment or alteration shall be posted to the a2i.userbin newsgroup at least 15 days before they may be voted upon.


In the event of dissolution of the User Bin, any remaining assets shall be returned to a2i Communications.

a2i User Bin / 15 Sep 2003