a2i User Bin: chage


Available as: cgiemail, cgiecho; mkcmtform
Available for: SunOS
Version: 950822
Location: ~www/cgi-bin/chage-cgi-bin
Requires: see <http://www.rahul.net/chage/software/mit-dcns-cgi.html>
Documentation: <http://www.rahul.net/chage/software/mit-dcns-cgi.html>
Other files: ~chage/bin/mkcmtform
Home: <http://web.mit.edu/wwwdev/cgiemail/>

Description: A program for converting the contents of an HTML form to an email message, formatted according to a user-defined template. mkcmtform makes an example comment form and template, which can be edited to create a custom form and template.

Differences: n/a

Contributor: Carl Hage <chage@rahul.net>

a2i User Bin / 15 Sep 2003