a2i User Bin: kjb


Available as: slrn
Available for: SunOS, FreeBSD
Version: (SunOS), (FreeBSD)
Location: ~kjb/SunOS/bin, ~kjb/FreeBSD/bin
Requires: nothing
Documentation: man page; <http://space.mit.edu/~davis/slrn.html>
Other files: ~kjb/FreeBSD/doc/slrn
Home: <http://space.mit.edu/~davis/slrn.html>

Description: A full-screen, easy-to-use, powerful NNTP-based newsreader. It incorporates a sophisticated system for scoring articles, providing the capability to mark articles in ways other than merely killing them.

Differences: n/a

Contributor: Kevin Burnett <kjb@rahul.net>

a2i User Bin / 15 Sep 2003