Autoduel Quarterly

Vol. 8, No. 4, Winter 2040

HTMLized by Dennis Holmes.


Killers for Hire by Robert Eikel
The Bounty Hunter by Kurt Bush
Living Down Justice by Ian Knights
Car Wars Tanks Designer's Notes by Craig Sheeley
Tanks for the Memories by Craig Sheeley
Monster Trucks in Car Wars by Gary L. Privitt


The Driver's Seat by Chris W. McCubbin
Blasts from the Past
Excerpts from the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide: Philadelphia, PA by Robert Bost
Arena Watch by Timothy Jacques
Car Wars Classic by Steve Jackson
ADQ&A by Ken Scott


Security Motors Co.
Uncle Albert's Military Surplus
Vortex Technologies

Designs in This Issue

Rifle-Launched Grenade by Steven Poor
Stealth Missile by Robert Eikel
The Swift by Derek Sheeman
The Wraith by Andrew Metzger
Editor: Chris W. McCubbin
Art in This Issue: Lawrence Allen Williams, Carl Anderson
Rules Consultant: Kenneth Scott
Publisher: Steve Jackson
Managing Editor: Loyd Blankenship
Typographer: Monica Stephens
Production Manager: Carl Anderson
Circulation Manager: Michael Hurst
"Winter 2040" issue published November, 1990.