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Updated: 1 June 1997

By unpopular demand, we now present the San Jose Trivia List! Learn about all the superfluous details of the server's history and operation right here.

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Questions and Answers

When and how was the server started?

TG (Daniel Cedras) started sanjose in January 1994. The server was linked to Philadelphia by the philly admin, Barron (Jonah Barron Yokubatis). The server was later linked through Pasadena.

How long did it run?

Ensor (Dennis Holmes) became the server administrator in May 1994, as TG had other urgent matters requiring his attention. The server continued through April 1997 for a total run of about 3.3 years.

Who were the operators?

Surprise! The early operators were: Recognize a few? Others who were operators for a period or for backup coverage were: The final operators were:

How many clients did it support?

Due to operating system limitations, sanjose was configured to handle a maximum of 240 simultaneous clients.

What was the last /kill?

At about a minute before the final shutdown:
*** KILL for LeaK from nil (is this the last kill on sanjose?)

How many K-lines were there?

At the end, there were 1114 active K-lines. 443 were originated by SJOperBot. Of these, 139 were unreviewed due to time constraints--oops! An additional 545 lines added by SJOperBot had been commented. (Most of the bot's K-lines are of temporary value, serving to halt an immediate clonebot attack. These are periodically edited or commented out as they are reviewed.)
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