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San Jose Nostalgia Page

Some less specific information about the San Jose Undernet IRC non-server.

NOTICE: The San Jose Undernet Server is no more. However, I've decided to keep this page up as an irritation to the general IRC community. Adding insult to injury, we continue to expand it!

[HTML] The End
The final hours of the San Jose Undernet Server, featuring the server destruction party!
[HTML] San Jose Server Trivia
History and trivia of the San Jose Undernet Server. A plain text version is also available.
[TEXT] Message of the Day (motd)
Basic information not normally displayed by the non-server upon not connecting.
[TEXT] Message of the Last Day
The Last MOTD.
[TEXT] Non-Server Non-Use Policy
Important information for non-users of the non-server. The policy was last updated on 11 December 1996. The last policy was updated on 11 December 1996.
[TEXT] San Jose Non-Server FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about not using the San Jose Undernet non-server. A plain text version is also available.

San Jose Non-Operators

The friendly people who made it possible!

[PHOTO] Kham

Kham Chanthaphasouk (KCHANTHAPHA@athena.ualr.edu)
Kham, khamster, The Yellow and Unique One... well I'm not sure what that means, but I'll grant him "unique".

[PHOTO] Meatloaf

Christopher Yarnick (cjyst4+@pitt.edu)
Not just ground beef... See his home page to learn all about him.


Lin Nah (linnah@comu2.auckland.ac.nz)
Worth way more than her nickname. She's from New Zealand, but if you call her a kiwi she'll kick your butt.


Paul Foley (mycroft@actrix.gen.nz)
I've never seen anyone call him a kiwi, might be interesting....


Vipul Dhanak (vbd@lucent.com)
Qu, master of the universe, from Columbus, Ohio (but I'm sure you knew that).

[PHOTO] Ensor

Dennis Holmes (dholmes@email.rahul.net)
Oh yeah, and me, the grunt...
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