Photos from 7/15/2000, Mongolia

6511/1.jpg Goats on snow heaves in the steppes   

6511/1a.jpg hobbled horse with taikkhi markings  

6511/2a.jpg Pasture   

6511/3a.jpg Horses   

6511/4a.jpg ryan benefitting from training sessions  

6511/6a.jpg Host family  

6511/7a.jpg arclan, my molting hashaa dog  

6511/8a.jpg peter and mark  

6511/9a.jpg Ulaanbaatar   

6511/10a.jpg owoo   

6511/11a.jpg host family unposed  

6511/12a.jpg host family with common non smile pose  

6511/13a.jpg My host family   

6511/14a.jpg zuunmod   

6511/15a.jpg cindy and my self portrait  

6511/16a.jpg Free as a ...   

6511/17a.jpg matt brophy  

6511/18a.jpg watching the sunset  

6511/19a.jpg jonathan kish  

6511/20a.jpg Sundown   

6511/21a.jpg ramsey with PC issued water bottle  

6511/23a.jpg F-PCT in profile   

6511/24a.jpg The bus to town   

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