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From: bostic@vangogh.CS.BErkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
Newsgroups: convex.general
Subject: Best of usenet so far this year - sgi.bad-attitude #4155
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 01:33:31 GMT

>From a "Short Shameful Confession" thread on talk.bizarre:

First, (Adam Hamilton) said a horrible thing:
|Wash and wax,
|wash and wax,
|wash and wax the Vax.

Which got this response:

+ I do not like to wash and wax. + I do not like them, Vax-I-Hax.
] I do not like its doors and sashes, ] I do not like it when it thrashes.
+ I will not run it with a Mac. + I will not, with a Univac. + It looks just like a Frigidaire. + I will not run it anywhere!
+ I do not like my paging VAX. + Please take it with you, Vax-I-Hax.
] Would you like it running "less," ] Or five-point-four-A VMS? ] Would you like it with batch runs? ] Or bringing up RA81s?
+ I would not, could not, running "less". + Or version 5 of VMS. + I would not, could not, with batch runs, + as long as I could get some Suns.
+ I do not like my hulking VAX. + Please take it with you, Vax-I-Hax.
+ (That Vax-I-Hax! + That Vax-I-Hax! + I do not like + That Vax-I-Hax!)
] Would you like it linking code ] Or set up as a JNET node? ] Compiling X (which could take days) ] With busses full of UDAs?
? Or how 'bout as an Ada server ? Torturing hackers with great fervor? ? For the sake of DoD ? Who are too braindead to use C?
] by (Scott Dorsey) + by (Jeff Carroll) by

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