Lynn Gold: net.fogey Extraordinaire!

I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Blue Ribbon Campaign

I've been on The Net(tm) continuously since 1980 (it was called the ARPAnet back then), and I've got 15+ years of files to prove it. I'm slowly bringing them online and moving them into HTML format so you can read them.

I'm looking for work.

If you want to know more about my writing background, here's my resume in HTML format. If you don't have tables, here's an ASCII version of the same.

I am also a weekend and fill-in news anchor/reporter for KLIV-AM.

When I'm not working as a technical writer or news anchor, I perform filk music. I was Filk Guest of Honor at Leprecon in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1999, Interfilk Guest at ConterPoint Three in Quantico, VA, and most recently was Fan Guest of Honor at Loscon 28 this year. I'm hoping to release a recording of my music sometime in the next year.

In addition to performing, I also take an active role in running non-profit science fiction and related conventions. I did the Local Resources Guide for ConJose, the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention (WorldCon) to San Jose in 2002, and I'm Webmistress and Chairperson for Consonance, the San Francisco Bay Area's Filk convention.

Courtesy of my friends at the Trex (The Relational EXchange) BBS (who would kill me if I didn't mention them), you can now view an ancient photo of me.

My friends at Chez INWAP also have incriminating photos of me taken at their wedding reception and the post-reception. (That's Bruce Krawetz and Ruth Anne Ladue with me in the hot tub.) Here's a more normal photo of me taken a few years ago.

Some interests:

Note: Some of these haven't been updated in years and are sorely out of date)

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