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For Further Reading...

Links to repositories of related information.
[LINK] Alephical IRC Information
Undernet information and statistics, with continuous automated updates.
An alternative IRC network.
[LINK] DeadelviS' IRC Archive
Info, nets, clients, scripts... Very original, don't miss this one.
[LINK] Eric's mIRC Scripts
Scripts for mIRC and information related to using the mIRC client.
[LINK] Eyeing IRC
Some basic information and links to a few other IRC pages.
[LINK] IRCinfo
Been on IRC, or reading about it, but feeling confused? This page may help you orient yourself. Handy PIRCH tips also.
[LINK] oz.org
A primarily Australian IRC network.
[LINK] Rob Leuschke's IRC Chat Font
For the IRCer who has everything.
[LINK] Yahoo: IRC
Yahoo's directory of links to assorted IRC information.

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