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General Information

Looking to learn a little more about what IRC is and how to use it?

Frequently Asked Questions Lists

[HTML] Undernet FAQ (Part 1) (Updated weekly)
A general guide to IRC... one of the best click-to-info ratios you'll find, and a great place for newcomers to start! A plain text version is also available.
[HTML] Undernet FAQ (Part 2) (Updated weekly)
More Undernet info than you can shake a mouse at. A plain text version is also available.
[TEXT] San Jose Server FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about using the San Jose Undernet server. A plain text version is also available.
[HTML] Ensor's IRC Newbie Information Guide Thing
You won't find it anywhere else--some of the top questions, straight from the newbies themselves!
[LINK] IRC Frequently Asked Questions List
The alt.irc FAQ from Usenet.

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Ensor's IRC Extravaganza!
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