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The Undernet IRC Network

A network with fins...

In this section

Information and Events: General Undernet information and current happenings
Committees and Services: Pages for Undernet action committees and administrative groups
Resources: Special Undernet features and other sources of Undernet-related information.

Information and Events

[HTML] Undernet FAQ (Part 1) (Updated weekly)
A general guide to IRC... one of the best click-to-info ratios you'll find, and a great place for newcomers to start! A plain text version is also available.
[HTML] Undernet FAQ (Part 2) (Updated weekly)
More Undernet info than you can shake a mouse at. A plain text version is also available.
[TEXT] The Official Undernet Server List
Connect client "A" to server "B"... "What server?" you ask?
Volunteers from the Undernet Public Relations Committee conduct IRC classes Tuesdays and Saturdays in the channel #class. For more details and class times, see the committee's home page (listed below) or contact class@undernet.org. To participate in the project, mail To participate in the project, mail class-request@undernet.org with "subscribe" as the subject of the message to join the mailing list.
[LINK] The Undernet Logo Competition
See the winning logo, big as life! And all the excellent runners-up, too.

Committees and Services

[LINK] Undernet Channel Service
Information on registered channels and Undernet channel registration services.
[LINK] Undernet Documentation Committee
A new and growing collection of Undernet and IRC documents. To find out how to participate, follow this link or send a note to doco-com@undernet.org.
[LINK] Undernet Public Relations Committee
This committee is continually looking for new ways to improve the Undernet and users' enjoyment of it. On their page you can find information about the committee as well as various events and services, including the monthly Undernet Newsletter.
[LINK] Undernet Routing Committee
This committee evaluates and processes new server applications and keeps an eye on network performance and server configurations to keep us all chatting as efficiently as possible.


[LINK] Welcome to the Undernet!
Wipe your feet at Karll's Undernet welcome mat, featuring links to other Undernet-related information.
[LINK] RedRum's Undernet Page
Lots of good Undernet details, including info on how we try to be organized, our services, and various documents.
[LINK] Undernet FTP Site
This is the most official source of Undernet info and procedures I know. You'll also find other goodies like pictures, scripts, link information....
[LINK] Telnet Services
No client? Tight disk quota? Not to fear! Click here for information on Undernet Telnet services.
[LINK] Try it now!
Give it a spin! Try out the Undernet and the telnet service at the same time.
[LINK] MURC Fantasy Games
A new twist on roleplaying. Prerequisite: Your dexterity must be high enough to click here and obtain the info.

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